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Multi-lingual dictionary software enabling to translate text by pointing at it

There are situations in life when you wish you would know how to address a gentleman in Swahili and say: Excuse me, Sir, but your elephant seems to be blocking our Conga line and to breaking several international laws while being at it.
Imagine your embarrassment should you switch one word or another in this commonly used sentence. Beyond embarrassment, the consequences can sometimes be lethal (at least to the elephant).
Exactly for that purpose (but luckily not only for that purpose) Babylon was invented and developed. Being a multi-lingual dictionary software program Babylon allows users to immediately translate text by simply pointing at it with their mouse curser.
Since its development and release, Babylon had gained extensive popularity, and in fact, is today probably the world's leading desktop translation software program. Both the software and website enjoy massive usage as the software is used by some 100 million users (it would seem prudent avoiding trying to count to that number using your fingers) and as the website supports over 100 million translation requests on a daily basis.
Translation options include the translation of entire web pages, of lengthy documents and of various texts in over 33 languages.
Babylon is also quite easy to use. Unless you're technophobic and still correspond with friends using extremely clever currier pigeons, you should have no problem using it. You simply have to click on your word of interest and the software will automatically identify the relevant paragraph and translate it. The resulted translation will appear in a compact window, also providing additional relevant information or measures without hindering your work.
Babylon also offers grammar and spelling correction tools as well as currency, times and measures conversion tools.
Any time you face a barrier of unfamiliar language, or of a language you're less proficient at, Babylon is the perfect tool for you as it's based on the most advanced translation technology, and will also offer, for an extra fee, results from the world's leading publishers such as: Britannica, Oxford, Merriam Webster, Pons, Duden, Michaelis, Van-Dale and many others. Besides these results, Babylon will also provide you with Wikipedia results in over 25 languages.
Bottom line is, what you get from Babylon is translation results based on a database consisting of over 2,500 resources in over 75 languages. Not something to be taken lightly.
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